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Rane One Professional DJ Controller

Rane One Professional DJ Controller

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The RANE DJ ONE professional motorized DJ controller provides the creative freedom to craft your unique sound with a traditional turntable feel and digital effects. Along with an intuitive interface, the RANE ONE incorporates two 7" motorized platters for an authentic tactile feeling and enhanced performance precision. The RANE ONE also features the light and smooth Mag Four crossfader for buttery cuts and a dedicated loop section for easy looping of any track at the touch of a button. Plus, six effects buttons with parameter controls and 16 independent performance pads provide incredibly versatile sonic manipulation. Convenient knob controls allow for quick access to playlist selections while an innovative touch strip lets you quickly scrub through tracks or find a specific section on the fly. The RANE DJ ONE professional DJ controller retains the art of DJing while seamlessly integrating modern design and flexibility.
RANE DJ ONE Controller Main Features
Old-school turntable look and feel
Ultra-light, adjustable crossfader
Flexible, nuanced sound control
Seamlessly integrate external audio
7" Motorized Platters
Nothing beats the tactile feel of a vintage turntable. The RANE ONE controller brings back that classic vinyl style for a hands-on playing experience that is still designed for the digital world. The platters feature customizable torque to easily adjust for player preference. To top it off, the RANE controller also includes a traditional turntable plunger-style start/stop button.
Tension-Adjustable Mag Four Crossfader
The RANE ONE DJ controller features RANE’s lightest and smoothest fader ever, the Mag Four. With internal-tension adjustment, front panel controls for fast/slow contour adjustment and a reverse switch, it’s easy to get the right feel for maximum performance.
Six radio-style effects buttons, 16 performance pads
The RANE ONE features 16 multi-function, independent performance pads that provide access to Hot Cues, Saved Loops, Roll, Sampler and Slicer effects, as well as Serato’s Scratch Bank. It also includes six FX buttons that instantly activate any combination of software effects with a single press. Additional controls include 3-band dynamic EQs and high/low pass filters on each deck along with dedicated loop controls.
Connect to laptops, phones and more
RANE’s reputation for high-quality sound and extended pro-connectivity continues with the ONE. Both decks are switchable between two USB laptop connections as well as a line input that’s switchable to phono for traditional turntables. Amplify your music through RANE’s audio circuitry to the balanced main and booth XLR outputs, and additional RCA main out. There are two dual TRS/XLR microphone inputs alongside an auxiliary input, giving you up to five sources of audio to mix.
Designed for smooth, intuitive music production and creation, the RANE ONE professional motorized DJ controller is a complete DJ solution. With cutting-edge features and effects combined with a traditional turntable style, the RANE DJ ONE provides complete freedom to track, mix and make music.
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