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MWM Phase Ultimate Wireless DVS DJ System with 4 Remotes

MWM Phase Ultimate Wireless DVS DJ System with 4 Remotes

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The first wireless DJ controller that lets you control tracks playing from DJ software without needing turntable needles or time code control vinyl. Two audio Remotes capture the turntable rotation information and wirelessly transmit it to a Receiver that processes and sends it to your DVS setup. Easy-to-use and intuitive, Phase offers an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity and is completely unaffected by external disruptions and common DJ equipment issues. Features The Phase Ultimate Kit includes everything in the Essentials plus 2 extra remotes for non-stop performances Phase replaces DVS time code with ultra-stable motion detection more accurate and efficient than time code vinyl and needles Rechargeable batteries with up to 10 hours of use Perform with Phase DJ all the movements you would do on standard audio records - even the extra slow ones - on any setup with the same precision. Simple and intuitive, Phase easily and smoothly integrates any DVS DJ setup thanks to its 2 stereo RCA output.
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