Decksaver LE Numark Platinum FX and Pro FX Cover

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πŸš€ Elevate Your DJ Game with Mixtrack Pro FX & Platinum FX – Protected by Decksaver LE! πŸš€

Unleash the power of your Mixtrack Pro FX and Platinum FX controllers while keeping them guarded in style! Introducing Decksaver LE (Light Edition) – the affordable armor for the digital DJ.

πŸ”’ Patented Transparency: Decksaver's smoked/clear transparency, a trademark innovation, provides an exclusive look unique to your setup.

πŸ’ͺ Robust Defense: From dust storms to liquid splashes, and the hustle of transportation, Decksaver LE shields your Mixtrack Pro FX and Platinum FX against the elements, ensuring longevity.

🎧 Low Profile, High Compatibility: Crafted with a low-profile design, Decksaver LE seamlessly fits into most flight cases and travel bags, offering hassle-free portability for your DJ adventures.

πŸ’Ό Travel-Friendly Design: Custom-moulded in the UK, our super-durable polycarbonate shell is an ideal companion for the digital DJ on the move. Slip it into protective cases with ease, and hit the road or the club in style.

🎢 Fader & Control Fortress: Guard your faders, switches, and knobs against accidental impacts and unwanted dust, preserving the pristine look and functionality of your Mixtrack Pro or Platinum FX.

πŸ’° Decksaver LE – Affordability Meets Durability: Enjoy the best of both worlds with our Light Edition. Made from super-durable polycarbonate, it delivers top-notch protection without breaking the bank.

🌐 Wherever You Play, Decksaver Has You Covered: At home, on the road, or in the club, trust Decksaver to keep your Mixtrack Pro and Platinum FX secure, so you can focus on delivering electrifying performances.

πŸ›‘οΈ Unmatched Protection, Unleashed Performance: Join the league of DJs who trust Decksaver LE for robust protection. Elevate your DJ game and make a statement with your Mixtrack setup.

πŸš€ DJ with Confidence – Choose Decksaver LE: The go-to choice for digital DJs seeking reliable protection without compromise. Elevate your style, elevate your game! πŸš€ #DecksaverLE #MixtrackProtection πŸ›‘οΈ

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