DJ Spexx

DJ Spexx

Emilio "DJ Spexx'' Martinez was born and raised in Colorado. Coming from a very close knit family where all gatherings revolved around music and food, he grew up listening to lowrider oldies, tejano corridos, R&B, Hip-Hop and so much more. His mother was an active member of the Denver B-Girl crew "The Radio Active-ets" which inspired his love for all elements of Hip-Hop culture. 

Following in his mothers footsteps he began learning to breakdance and developed an interest in DJing. Around the age of 15 Spexx attended an open scratch lesson hosted by Youth on Record in Denver. This was the moment Spexx would realize his true love and passion for DJing. Spexx bought his first set of turntables and speakers and began rocking house parties and events for family and friends. 

After high school Spexx would attend Full Sail University for a short time before he moved to LA to help a friend manage a recording studio. WIth the experience gained from these adventures Spexx returned home to Colorado to continue pursuing his passion for DJing. Spexx would attend any DJ event he could find and most importantly the DMCs. Spexx would connect with local DJ legends DJ Chonz and DJ Staxx who encouraged him to continue chasing his dream. 

In 2018 Spexx started attending Denver DJ School where he completed classes to enhance his mixing and scratching skills. During this time Spexx met DJ RayRock and DJ DENCO who gave him the opportunity to sign with their collective DJ company Vibe Revival in 2021. The Denver DJ School and Vibe Revival have given Spexx opportunities to DJ many venues and make new connections. Spexx hopes to continue DJing in the Denver music scene and explore opportunities to take his skills on the road. 

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