DJ Mars

DJ Mars

Hey Mile High City! 

I go by the name DjMars. I grew up here in Denver Colorado. 

Music is my passion. I went from rocking the dance floor as a bboy to now performing for the dance floor as a Dj. I love playing open format. Trap music to house/EDM, hip-hop to alternative rock, cumbias and Reggaeton to pop! I love all genres. SCRATCHING is absolutely one of the most favorite things I love doing! I would say it’s probably the one of the main enjoyments about Dj’n. The different scratch sounds you can make to a beat or scratching in and out of transition to make your set sound so much better is one of the best feelings! 

Not only do I play for some of the biggest clubs here in Denver but I do Corprate and private events as well. I would love to share my talent to those that can take it further and also for those that just enjoy music! 

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